Ritual I - Summoning the abyss

by Nyctophobia

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released January 7, 2011




Nyctophobia Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: ...from the mist
And lo, What I saw cannot be told.
Strange shades emerging from the mist.
Floating over ethereal raging twists.
In a halo of mysticism and cold.
From the inner forest they came, silently numb,
Imbued in heavy armours and spears up high.
Once more, marching under the dark night sky
As a procession leaded by the sound of drums.

It was at midnight, the late darkest hour,
When awaking from its dream, a raven begun to caw
Following the march, with a black banner in the claw,
An ancestral icon filled with spectral power.
Then, like a psalm some words were said,
Proudly, with a voice that was fearsome
"For ages we had waited, searching for wisdom:
Now we know the paths of the living and the dead".

As they reach my side I felt the centuries upon me.
My heart turned ice and elder, emitting no sound.
Trembling and pale, not believing what I found:
Immortality before me, now free to learn and see.

I am one more of them, for eternity we will march together
Not dead but not living, keeping the secrets of the mist forever...
Track Name: Storming over the darklands
Clouds are hiding the stars and moon
As a harbinger of a night of doom.
In silence will stand my land of gloom,
The one which born from night's womb.

Then will fly black-winged crows,
And in their eyes lightnings will glow
Allowing every each soul to know
The great principle of life's foe.

All the blackness is gathering from afar
Above the sky like a painfully scar.
Until one drop falls as a shooting star,
To let commence the last of wars.

Thunders are announcing the darkness reign,
In every single breath turned into pain,
When dark sky evokes the final bane,
And Death all life has slain.

Awake, thunders!
The storm has been unleashed!!
Track Name: The agony of being
Let me stay alone,
I'd rather not exist.
The fear of living
Makes me drown.
'cause all I've lived for is a fake illusion
So hate is consuming me, and I fear
To look myself in the mirror... no, I really dare not
And now I'm burning down.

I’m exhausted, and tired to fight
Against my dying mind.
My broken soul
Is dried for the tears I’ve cried.
I am defeated, erased.
For me there’s no way out
But losing myself into nothingness
And becoming an agonizing worm.

Cold world, it's me, insane
Away from this life.
My sorrow is haunting me, ending my rotten life
As a cruel infection
Track Name: Beyond the veil
I have seen this place in my dreams,
Remote and almost forgotten,
Where I used to get lost among the turrets
Atop the hollow cliffs of glass.
And now I'm here again
In search for the ancient silver key
With weird arabesques that opens
The door of my childhood's mind
Which is guarded by a lidless eye
beyond space and time

Into the Snake-Den I found the First Gate
That leads outside the earth.
And there would be a Guide, for HE is ‘Umr at-Tawil,
The Most Ancient One.

I will face the One Prolonged In Life, asking terrible things to HIM
“Accepting you as my guide, this Gate I am ready to cross”.

Far beyond the veil
From reality and its dimensions,
I gather with the Ancient Ones
Under the chant of the everlasting Guard.